Discover and achieve your potential. Identify your dreams, recognize what’s standing in your way, and get some guidance in creating a happier, more passion-filled life.

  • Karen Rudolf

    5 Ways to Create A Ripple Ebook


    Have you always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others? What if you could focus on just a few things that would profoundly affect the way you impact the world? You can start now by creating a ripple that will have far-reaching effects. This book gives you the 5 keys to supporting you to Live Your Dream Life Now!


  • Reignite Your Spark Tour

    Bank Your Strength


    Have you dreamed of starting, owning, or running your own business?

    Is there something you’re passionate about, and just know that you could make money by offering it to other people? Perhaps you’ve been encouraged by friends and family to start selling your creations, or you’ve being daydreaming about creating a service or product that you know would make people’s lives easier or more enjoyable.  

    If you’re thinking that it’s time to make that dream happen, but aren’t sure where to begin – the Bank Your Strength Program is for You!  

    In twelve, powerful weeks, you’ll learn how to turn your passion into a revenue-generating business! Developed by successful entrepreneurs who have started and run businesses of their own, this program will excite and inspire you, while also providing you with practical application activities to get your business up and running quickly and profitably. 

    By learning from other successful entrepreneurs, you’ll zero in on the steps you need to take and avoid wasting precious resources – time, energy and money. 

  • Excellent Decisions

    Book and Partner Journal


    The Excellent Decisions book and partner journal combine to be a great way for you to learn why you get stuck when you are pursuing goals that you know are important to you, and what you can do to get unstuck and on track toward lasting results. The partner journal is your way to IMPLEMENT what you learn, again helping you create long term and lasting results.

  • Fashionably Late Productions, LLC

    Fashionably Late Just Gettin’ Started Kit

    $749.00 $327.00
    • Is it time to show up as the real you? Jump-start your personal reinvention with the Fashionably Late Just Gettin’ Started Kit! And it all begins with a personal Home Spa Day!
  • Fashionably Late Productions, LLC

    Fashionably Late Mastermind!


    Danne’s Mastermind groups are designed to get right to the foundation of your life, business or relationships.  She will insist that the meetings be productive and work toward each individuals goals and dreams.  After all, she is all about achieving your dreams, even if it ends up being “Fashionably Late”!

  • Excellent Decisions

    Life Coaching


    My name is Robert MacPhee, and my Excellent Decisions life coaching approach is based on helping you make decisions based on your vision and your values rather than external stress and pressure. I can help you improve your productivity and satisfaction in any area of your life and I will do it in a way that ensures that your results will LAST. Working with me will give you the encouragement, accountability, new perspectives and ideas that you need in order to THRIVE – achieve at a very high level and be truly happy.
    * * Ancient Greek Definition of Happiness: The experience of joy while in pursuit of your potential. * *
    I have been blessed to work with and learn from some of the greatest teachers and trainers in the personal and professional development world, including being the Director of Training for Jack Canfield’s organization and being a Founding Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders. Please feel free to contact me directly ([email protected] or 760-632-4909) for a free consultation to discuss your current circumstances and desired results; its the best way for both of us to determine if my style and the Excellent Decisions approach is a good fit for you.
    (price quoted is for the minimum coaching agreement of 90 days)

  • Reignite Your Spark Tour

    Reignite Your Spark 3-Day Retreat in Fort McMurry, Canada


    All right, Gals!

    It’s time to Reignite Your Spark! You’ve seen the fun that Carla and Danne create and enjoy in a single night, how about spending three fun-filled days with them… getting away from it all!

    Ever go on a Girlfriends’ Weekend Getaway where all you have when you get home is some credit card debt, some stuff you didn’t really intend to buy and a splitting hangover?

    How would you like to experience a Girlfriends’ Weekend Getaway, where you go home refreshed and rejuvenated with a new sense of excitement and enthusiasm for creating the life of your dreams, and… well, not gonna lie… the hangover thing is still a possibility (after all, this is Carla and Danne we’re talking about)! 

    Carla and Danne will spend three days sharing with you the very methods they used to Reignite their own Spark, stop living in the shadows of their hopes and dreams, and begin showing up in the world as the gals they wanted to be. 

  • Reignite Your Spark Tour

    Reignite Your Spark Starter Kit


    We totally get it

    As a woman — a wife, a mother, a business owner, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a community leader, a professional, an employee or employer – you have a tendency to make sure everyone else is taken care of first. You spend your days dividing your attention between the many people in your life who rely upon you and look to you for love and support. It’s a role you cherish and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

    And yet, you feel overwhelmed, depleted, stretched too thin. If just one more person approaches you with an urgent problem they need your immediate help solving, you’re going to LOSE it! Can’t they tell you’re at your wit’s end? Isn’t it obvious you need a break?

  • Fashionably Late Productions, LLC

    RIM Sessions


    RIM Trained


  • Fashionably Late Productions, LLC

    Speaker for your special Event


    Danne is a very dynamic and engaging speaker. Book her for your next event here.

  • Reignite Your Spark Tour

    Transformational Business Club


    Transformational Business Club
    So the idea of Reigniting Your Spark has caught your attention

    and you want to create and experience transformation in your own life. Perhaps you’ve read one of Carla’s or Danne’s books, or you’ve been to one of their live events, or you’ve completed one of their programs.

    And now, you want to know how the journey continues.

    How do you develop and surround yourself with friends who get what you’re trying to achieve and appreciate the changes you’re making in your life?

    The Transformational Business Club is your answer.

    For busy, achieving, yet often overwhelmed Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals, the TBC provides a community where you can connect with other like-minded Rockstar women, get support when you need it, and share your own brilliance with an appreciative audience!

  • VellaMi

    VellaMi Mastermind


    Join the great new website to build your business and collaborate with people who know how to make your business shine on VellaMi. Help bring new ideas to VellaMi to further provide the tools needed for you and your business.

  • Carla White

    Working With You!

    $447.00 $297.00


    I have been there and navigated my way through—learning new lessons, extinguishing old habits, creating mindset practices – and now have the privilege and pleasure of showing others the way! As someone who was mentored by some of the top thought leaders in human potential, I’m ready to ignite YOUR fire and spark your desire!

    Mentoring is about DOING less and BEING more. You will:

    1. Discover and define what YOU want and need.
    2. Overcome fears, doubts, and anxiety to move forward with confidence.
    3. Learn to shift and focus your thoughts and perspective.
    4. Develop nourishing soul-care practices.

    Connect with Carla today for a complimentary discovery call to overcome your barriers and own your gifts and greatness!

  • Fashionably Late Productions, LLC

    Fashionably Late Book Series

    $31.90 $23.95

    Have you dreamed of paying off debt or starting your own business or taking up a new hobby?

    Have you tried and failed to lose weight or heal from a past hurt or develop a talent you know you’d be great at?

    Are you beginning to think you’ll never make that dream happen?

    The women who share their stories I this book have been there, too. Each of them came to a point in live where they know something had to change.  Each in their own way chose a new path and made their dream a reality.


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