Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Ready to transition from surviving to thriving? Find someone to guide and support you as you develop better habits and a healthier lifestyle, even if you’re adjusting after an illness or navigating a particular health challenge.

  • Karen Rudolf

    5 Ways to Create A Ripple Ebook


    Have you always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others? What if you could focus on just a few things that would profoundly affect the way you impact the world? You can start now by creating a ripple that will have far-reaching effects. This book gives you the 5 keys to supporting you to Live Your Dream Life Now!


  • Excellent Decisions

    Book and Partner Journal


    The Excellent Decisions book and partner journal combine to be a great way for you to learn why you get stuck when you are pursuing goals that you know are important to you, and what you can do to get unstuck and on track toward lasting results. The partner journal is your way to IMPLEMENT what you learn, again helping you create long term and lasting results.

  • Jack Canfield

    Breakthrough to Success 2018 Live with Jack Canfield


    Breakthrough to Success

    During my signature event, Breakthrough to Success, you’ll not only master the success secrets you’ll need to rise above any limit and create an extraordinary life…

    You’ll also learn how to unlock and unleash the forces inside you, so you can attain unimagined levels of happiness, and make positive, lasting changes.


    It doesn’t matter where you are in life, or what your goals are…

    You’ll walk out of these 5 days laser-focused, bursting with confidence, armed with a proven step-by-step system of success, and supported by a new family of like-minded people to cheer you on.

    If you’re ready to discover your full potential, dream bigger than you ever have before, and finally achieve your most important goal, join me at Breakthrough to Success!

  • Vesterli Coaching, Life after Bullying

    Individual RIM Sessions


    Anxiety, PTSD, stress, low self-esteem or self-worth? Are issues that have a profound impact on our daily life. Why are we suffering? and what is the hidden blocks that is stopping us for experience long-lasting recovery? RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) is a powerful tool that support you in uncovering the hidden blocks and return to a high quality of life, able to live your life to the fullest. Most people experience a profound life-changing effect in 1 – 5 sessions. I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Individual RIM-sessions are offered world wide.

    Benefits of a RIM-sessions include:

    Increased resilience
    Increase your ability to deal with stress stressful situations
    Higher focus
    Greater productivity
    Improved sleep
    More energy
    Higher flexibility
    Better ability to find creative solutions
    Improved work/life balance

  • Jack Canfield

    Jack Canfield Private Retreat


    It’s Time to Bring Your Vision to LifeJoin me for a life-changing four-day retreat on the “Top Island in the U.S.” (Conde Nasté – Reader’s Choice Awards) – and get the one-on-one private mentorship you need to achieve your most ambitious goals and dreams.

  • Jack Canfield

    Join My 2018 Train the Trainer LIVE Certification Program — and Transform Your Life & Career


    I’ll personally teach you how to unlock people’s potential and help them create the results they want in their personal and professional lives
    Train the Trainer LIVE is an advanced 12-month training and mentorship program for people who want to work with me in person and learn how to increase their impact and monetize their message – while helping others become their best selves.
    You’ll learn my proven methodology for teaching people how to shift their mindset, overcome blocks and limiting beliefs, set and achieve big goals, and create the life of their dreams.
    I have developed my training and speaking strategies over my 40-year career as one of the world’s foremost human potential trainers. Now I’d like to teach you everything I know – in an interactive small-group classroom setting.

  • Intuitive Leadership

    Positive Communications Session

    $1,200.00 $1,000.00

    Are you challenged by a workplace relationship?
    Do you say one thing yet the folks you interact with hear something different?
    Do you give instructions to your employees and they give the “deer in the headlights” expression?
    Are you a manager and question why your employees don’t do what you ask them to do?

    This session offers you clarity and strategies to deliver your message with the impact to positively influence others and improve performance

    Includes1 coaching session and DISC behavioral profile and personalized report.


    Private 1:1 Coaching. 5 months. 11 sessions. The personal approach.


    Private 1:1 Coaching. 5 months. 11 sessions.
    The personal approach.

    The gist: Want a tailored, personal program made just for you? Get 11 phone or in-person coaching sessions over the course of 5 months, plus two free bonus gifts. Because you want to:

    • heal health issues (IBS, stubborn weight, inflammation issues, joint pain)
    • successfully shed weight once and for all
    • feel great in your body so you are ready to change the rest of your life
    • Be a master of positive habit creation
    • learn how to avoid diets for the rest of your life and simply live in a balanced way
    • change your work life, home life, your relationships, or your future goals

    The solution: My approach to private coaching is a combination of real, no-hype nutrition education, customized step-by-step habit creation, workouts, and a library of videos created specifically for private clients. You will take a deep dive into goal setting and completion, have built-in accountability, and will receive personalized steps to assist you in waking up to all areas of your life.


    Wake Up to Your Life!


    Wake Up to Your Life!
    6 weeks to Vibrant, Fit & Free 

    Aren’t you tired of tugging at your clothes because they don’t fit well? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to take care of? Do you start eating different and working out, only to lose your momentum within a week or less?

    Well, let me help.

    I created this program for you. In fact, over 1,000 people have successfully completed this program and rave about their success. It will teach you why the food you thought was healthy may actually be keeping those stubborn pounds stuck on your body. You will learn how to exercise in a way that truly changes your body. It will tone you and firm up your muscles.

    And best of all? It will have you feeling like life is fun and free again (or maybe, for the first time).


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