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We get it. We’ve been there.

Your calling in life is to help others overcome the struggles and challenges that life presents. But it seems like you spend your time searching for clients, trying to build your following, trying to get your name and your products and services in front of people so they know what you offer.

And while you’re doing those things, you’re not in front of clients. You’re not making money.

At VellaMi, we take care of the administrative end of your business, so you can spend your time sharing your wisdom with your clients.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and start making money with your coaching practice.



Start sharing your Genius. Your Skills. Your Message.

With VellaMi, your perfect clients find YOU.

We make it easy. You simply:

Select your subscription level

Set up your shop page

Add your products (including free ones if you’d like)

And that’s it!

We’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll do the marketing, so your clients find YOU!

Benefits to You and Your Coaching Practice:

  • Marketing done for you
  • Lead generation done for you
  • Showcase your business locally, nationally, globally
  • Profile page to communicate your bio, experience, certifications, etc.
  • You’ll be in good company – your business listed right next to other successful coaches
  • Allow you to easily niche your practice and reach your ideal clients
  • Opportunity to build your reputation through reviews
  • Ease of selling, providing downloads, scheduling
  • Ease of introduction to potential clients by offering free downloads
  • Technology, shopping cart, etc., done for you
  • Search Engine Optimization

There are so many ways you can use VellaMi to bring in new clients and make more money! Here is a sample of the products and services you can list on VellaMi:

  • Products
    • Physical products – books, CD’s, DVD’s, paper assessments
    • Downloadables – e-books, online programs, electronic assessments
  • Services
    • Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting, Instruction
      • In-person (for local sales)
      • Online, Skype, Phone, etc.
    • Mastermind Memberships
    • Speaking services
  • Tickets to Events
    • Live Events
    • Online Events
  • Subscriptions

You can even give away free stuff on VellaMi in order to introduce new clients to your work. You pay only a small fee (currently $2 per lead) when a client downloads a free item. And you’ll pay us a commission on items sold.

Become a founding member!

  • Discounted rates
  • Early adopter perks
  • Early start to your rating and review history
  • Have a presence during our initial marketing launch

Let your clients find you!

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