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Each Coach on VellaMi sets their own refund and cancellation policies. Be sure to read and understand these policies prior to making a purchase so you know what to expect.

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To register your business, you’ll first choose a subscription level based on how many products and services you want to list on VellaMi. You can choose to pay monthly, or save a little and pay annually.

When a client purchases one of your products or services, we’ll keep a percentage of the sale. It works just like other affiliate programs, except that other affiliate programs keep up to 50% of the sale.

Our current commission structure at VellaMi is:

$8 to $249 –              25%

$250 to $799 –         20%

$800 to $2999 –       15%

$3000 and up –         10%

You can give away free Products and Services on VellaMi in order to generate leads for your business. Each time a client clicks through to receive a free item from you, we’ll charge your account just $2 for the lead.

We’ll transfer the funds received for purchases of your products and services to your designated account as soon as the full refund period is over.

Great question! We’ll combine your subscription fee with the subscription fees of other Coaches and use it to advertise and market to potential clients across the globe through email campaigns, social media campaigns, live events, telephone campaigns, print magazines, TV and radio campaigns and more.

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