And welcome to K1B1.com a website that will give you no-nonsense supplement reviews and how to’s.

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What Is K1B1.com?

K1b1.com is a review site where we are going to take a closer look at various health products in the weight loss, men’s health, and muscle building niche.

There are lots of product review sites out there. Most of them are writing reviews with a selling point perspective. They write a (positive) product review with the hope that you will click on their “Buy Now” button and buy the product.

Our Purpose

We want to do it differently with K1b1.com. Our product reviews will be all about providing you with the information you are looking for. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you can contact, and we will see if we can find the solution for you.

We, Will, Do Our Best

Keep in mind; we are consumers ourselves and marketers. We will do our best not to become the salesperson selling a product when we are reviewing something we like. But, we are not perfect so mistakes will happen.

Our Commercial Interest

K1B1.com do have a commercial interest. We do have to make money to pay for our domain name, web hosting, products, and to make a living for whatever is left over.

We will make our money by having banner ads, clickable links on our product reviews that will link to the manufacturer, or vendor of the product. In some cases, we will receive a commission if you decide to buy the product.

But again, we will do our best to keep our role as the reviewer, not the salesperson.

Who Is Behind K1B1.com?

The person behind K1B1.com is me Martin Gram. I am a marketer and blogger with a background as a personal trainer, fitness coach, and health fanatic.

I have a certification in personal training, at the International Sports Sciences Association, and have helped hundreds of people, men, and women, old and young with getting in shape, eating healthy, losing weight, building muscles and changing lifestyle to healthier habits.

Now I am more focused on blogging about health and reviewing products because I can make a more significant impact than just having one on one coaching.

So, once again thank you for visiting K1B1.com I do hope you find what you are looking for, else send me a message.


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